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Linearity Error Compensation (LinComp®)

Digital Signal Processing for Linearity Compensation

Innovation Digital provides linearity error compensation through patented digital signal processing technology. Our signal processing technology provides a dramatic reduction in harmonic and intermodulation distortion (e.g., 24-36 dB) in analog-to-digital converters, digital-to-analog converters, low noise amplifiers, mixers, or a combination of devices in an RF chain. Elite linearity error compensation allows for critical dynamic range improvement for applications such as SIGINT, RADAR, and RF Communications.

The approach uses several different nonlinear compensation models (including Volterra, Hammerstein, Weiner, and proprietary models) to efficiently generate out-of-phase distortion components that are subtracted from the signal to significantly improve dynamic range. Innovation Digital's signal processing technology is recognized as providing the largest improvement in dynamic range with the lowest amount of signal processing resources. Adaptive or factory calibration options are available.

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