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Adaptive Digitizer for Cognitive Radio (Comm-Universal™)

Adaptively Combining Digital Signal Processing Algorithms


Innovation Digital’s communications system adaptively combines several of our digital signal processing algorithms to optimize the performance of the system for the current signal environment. These techniques are configured automatically in real time. The combination of these DSP algorithms provides a very powerful adaptive digitizer to dramatically improve the performance of the receiver system (e.g., instantaneous bandwidth, receiver sensitivity, dynamic range, bit error rate, modulation density, etc.).

The approach uses a parallel array of converters that can be instantly reconfigured via digital signal processing to provide different performance characteristics optimized for the current signal environment and the needs of the user.

Example: The architecture will support extremely wide bandwidth scanning of the environment for signals of interest while simultaneously providing multiple narrowband, high-resolution channelized outputs, all with the same hardware and without any physical hardware alterations since the processing is performed digitally. Other operating modes provide variable signal-to-noise ratio, dynamic range, and bandwidth.

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