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Adaptive Linearization (ALIN™) for High Power Amplifiers

Digital Signal Processing, Increasing Amplifier Linearity


Innovation Digital’s patented digital signal processing solutions provide a significant improvement in the linearity of RF power amplifiers. The use of unique and highly effective pre-distortion algorithms provide RF power amplifiers with significant improvement in its linear performance thereby increasing its effective efficiency and eliminating the need to use substantial back-off. Typically a 25 dB improvement in linearity can be obtained. Example capabilities include 1.2 GHz instantaneous bandwidth, >100 Watts output power, IMD3 < -53 dBc, efficiency > 50%, size < 180 cubic inches.

The approach uses heuristic analyses and digital feedback to constantly update nonlinear models of the power amplifier whose characteristics can rapidly change over operating conditions (e.g., temperature, power output, frequency content) to provide significant improvement in linearity even in challenging signal environments (e.g., frequency-hopping, jamming, congested spectrum).

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